Slurry Management

Sequentia Services is the solution for your slurry and mud management

Slurry Management

Mud reclaiming and vacuum excavation in Mining

Our mud reclaimers and vacuum excavation units provide mining clients safe operating procedures, cost efficiency and importantly, can assist in product recovery

Removal of drilling mud - The increased prevalence of sump-less drilling has necessitated a means for collection and remote disposal of drilling mud and other spoil, a task for which Sequentia Services larger capacity vacuum excavators and mud reclaimers are ideal.  

Conveyor system clean up – No need to shut down the conveyor. Wth the use of a remotely operated vehicle, we can clean under and around conveyors without the need to shut down the system.

Sequentia Services is the best solution for mud/slurry management. We provide solutions in the form of mobile plants and fixed plants. Whatever the problem is, Sequentia Services will find a fitting solution.

Fixed Plant – we are happy to work with clients to provide a fixed mud reclamation and waste water treatment plant either on site or at another location convenient for site traffic. Our solutions negate the need for slurry & vac trucks to leave site, saving you time and money.

Mobile plant - We provide mobile mud reclaimers for any application. Be it an intrinsically safe oil/gas environment or underground in a tunnel construction project, we can provide a solution with either a diesel or electric power plant.

Sequentia Services provide slurry management services across Australia 

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