For civil projects call on Sequentia Services.

Utilities and Civil

Sequentia Services is next to the renewable sector also very active in the utilities and civil sector.

We have professional, new equipment and a professional and experienced team that will solve any problem that occurs. 

Mostly we are focused on the following services:


Sequentia Services provide solutions for the civil sector in the form of vacuum excavation, non-destructive digging and truck hire in Australia.

Here at Sequentia Services, we provide a range of services which are available for both wet hire and dry hire depending on the needs of your site. Our work within the utilities and civil sector is predominantly non-destructive digging and vacuum excavation services.

Throughout South East Queensland, North Queensland and for interstate clients we can offer non-destructive digging, vacuum excavation and sucker truck hire services to complete construction projects within strict budgets and timeframes.


For Solar Maintenance Experts, contact Sequentia Services today!

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