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Sequentia Services trenching hire

Solar Trenching Hire

Chain trenching

Chain Trenchers for both AC and DC trenching requirements. Our trenchers provide you speed, safety, quality and cost efficiency.


Speed and safety – Our trenchers can cope with changing geology, provide a consistent cut and can open several km/day to allow sand and cabling to be installed and trenches closed all in one day. 

Quality – Chain trenchers provide consistent depth and width.


Cost efficiency – with the ability to trench fast while providing consistent depth and width, using chain trenchers is the most cost efficient way to install underground cabling on large scale solar farms.

Trenching with Sequentia Services.

Sequentia Services offers solution in trenching, cable laying and backfilling to solar farm projects across Australia. We provide the trenching machinery for hire. Sequentia Services will make sure of great service  so you can focus on your responsibility for the overall energy infrastructure project.

Our services are supported by an extensive range of heavy plant and earthmoving equipment and off-road transport that provides continuity to your project delivery.

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