Solar Towers

Providing Renewable and Hybrid Light Towers

Renewable and Hybrid Light Towers

Hybrid Light Towers

For more lighting power and the security of a back-up diesel generator, you cannot go past the solar hybrid trailers. With lighting up to 2,400W and with full mine specifications, our hybrid light towers are leaders in their class.

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    Reliability and low maintenance

    As a product developed initially for the mining sector, these towers are a popular choice for the big Australian miners as they stand up to the harshest conditions of the remote outback, provide powerful lighting and slash maintenance costs. 

    Now with applications across mining, civil and construction, our Solar and hybrid mega light towers will provide operational savings and reduce maintenance requirements.

    Solar Light Towers

    With the mega solar light tower, there is no requirement for diesel on site and very low maintenance requirements. The towers have a deep-cycle battery that when charged provides lighting time up to 2 days without sunlight. This offers massive cost efficiencies over diesel systems. You save on the cost of diesel and cut out the manpower needed to deliver the diesel and regular on-site maintenance.

    Sequentia Services provide 3 different types of solar towers - 200,400 and 600W of lighting

    Some features of the solar towers

    • Very powerful lighting - double/quad - 200W, 400W, 600W options

    • Up to 19,500 lumens
    • Lighting time up to 2 days without sunlight
    • Daylight sensor
    • 6m high breakback mast
    • Suitable for Australian cyclonic conditions
    • 4000Kg concrete base with forklift sleeve
    • Deep cycle battery. Reiable technology
    • Waterproof IP68 rating (cables, connectors, lockout switch)
    • Pre-programmed to plug and play 

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