Intelligent Street Lighting


Sequentia Services creating intelligent, smart city enabled street lighting networks


Local authorities and cities have to manage their public lighting expenses and services while also providing new digital servivces. City provide a solution at minimal cost.

  • Easy, fast installation

  • No Civil works required

  • Provides sinificant energy and operational savings

  • Allows plug-&-play of smart city services

  • Broadband enabled allowing CCTV in HD and other high bandwidth services

    Sequentia Services - converting standard street lighting networks into intelligent communications backones for smart lighting and city services 

    Citybox - cost effective, intelligent, innovative and green


    The city becomes greener

    Citybox controls and moderates the energy usage in the area that it is placed. This means less electricity usage which results in a better environment for the inhabitants.

    The city is more protected and becomes safer
    One of the special features of the Citybox is the low-cost deployment of services such as video surveillance. Councils can provide safety for lower cost

    Better communication
    Wifi and other cmmunication devices can be easily deployed through Citybox keeping public users connected and informed and providing valuable information to the asset owners. 

    Better equiped to provide for an ever changing city
    Through plug-and-play sound systems and festive lighting, the city can become more lively, welcoming and inclusive at little cost and time with minimal time to deploy


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