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Renewable Energy Construction

Small and Large Scale Renewable Energy Construction

We bring years of Australian solar farm construction experience to every project. Having completed works on over 1.5GW solar farm projects, our team has built a reputation for delivering some of the highest quality solar farm construction work in Australia while upholding exacting safety standards.

We take pride in earning this reputation on every project, from offering complete mechanical installations on large scale solar farms to delivering project management and a complete end-to-end full service of works on smaller scale solar farm projects across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

An Experienced Team

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the Sequentia Services team have the resources and know-how you need to get your project done right the first time.

An End-to-end Service

We offer our solar farm construction services from project design to completion, offering Design and Construct (D&C) services on a range of project types.

A wide Project Scope

We offer our solar farm construction services to under 5MW small scale solar farm projects, right up to utility grade large scale solar farms across Australia.

Full Mechanical Installation on Large Scale Solar Projects

Sequentia Services is experienced in operating as the mechanical contractor on large scale solar construction projects.

Our mechanical installation services include management of logistics, dispatch, pre-drilling, piling, stabilisation with sand and/or concrete, mechanical framework, and receiving and installation of solar modules.

With over 500,000 piles installed, our crews' methodologies are extremely efficient, allowing us to provide value for money while maintaining high level safety and quality standards. In addition, we provide specialised testing services for large scale solar farms, including pull testing and pre-drilling services.


Our experienced piling teams have provided pre-drilling and pile driving services for ground mounted solar farms across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.


We provide specialty teams and machinery to install various trackers and fixed tilt systems. Module installation includes mono-facial and bi-facial panels.


End-to-End Construction of Small Scale Solar Farms

Sequentia Services provides complete end-to-end solar farm construction services on small scale solar farm projects of up to 5MW.

The comprehensive services we provide on these projects make us a one-stop-shop for landowners looking to set up solar farm infrastructure with Australia’s highest quality solar farm construction contractor.

We offer end-to-end project management to hand over the project as a finished farm connected and ready to produce from day one.


Fixed tile systems offer a choice of driven pile, continuous ground screw, helical pile, and ballased cast-in-place foundation solutions, even in unfavourable soil conditions.


Sequentia Services has experience in working with multiple tracker systems that clients prefer, such as Nextracker, ATI, Artech, Ideematec, and Soltec, to name a few.

Green Hydrogen Services

Sequentia Services have the in-house expertise and partner network to deliver balance of plant services for green hydrogen projects. We have a long history of delivering solar farms, renewable energy civil works, and delivery expertise to provide full site management and delivery services for renewable energy provisions and hydrogen plant requirements.

Our safety and quality systems allow us to deliver to Tier 1 standards in line with strict corporate and social governance requirements, making us an ideal delivery partner.

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