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At Sequentia Services, we seek to provide our clients with the most comprehensive end-to-end services, so they don’t have to suffer the hassle of hiring different contractors for every job. That’s why, in addition to our solar construction and civil construction services, we provide facilities maintenance services to keep your building, solar farm, or job site in shape.

With decades of experience in the solar and civil industries, the Sequentia Services team have the resources, network, specialised plant and equipment, and expert know-how to consult on the best facilities maintenance plan for you.

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Commercial Building Maintenance

Our comprehensive commercial building maintenance services are suitable for offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, apartments, and more.

Industrial Building Maintenance

We provide industrial building maintenance services specialised to workshops, factories, civil construction sites, and more.

Utility Maintenance

Our utility maintenance services include underground utility maintenance, pit and pipe cleaning, electrical conduit maintenance, and more.

Solar Maintenance

Sequentia Services specialises in solar farm and solar panel services including solar maintenance, which includes cleaning and landscaping services.

Fault Diagnosis

One of the most important aspects of facilities maintenance is catching potential problems before they arise. Our inspection and fault diagnosis services can be applied to any and all aspects of a building or utility installation project.

Sequentia Services employs building inspectors and thermal imaging professionals who perform fault diagnosis services in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Their fault diagnosis capabilities include electrical faults, pipe faults, defective insulation, wall and foundation cracks, and more.

Get a facilities maintenance package with fault diagnosis services that work with Sequentia Services. Contact us today.


Our experts use thermal imagery to diagnose faults in HVAC, electrical systems, plumbing, building envelopes and solar systems.


We offer professional technicians for comprehensive fault diagnosis of leaky or misrouted pipes, leaking air conditioning, defective insulation, and more.



Our HVAC inspections include locating misrouted and leaking ducts, missing insulation, AC condensate leaks, energy losses, and electrical and mechanical HVAC system faults.


Our electrical and plumbing inspection services include the location of hot or loose connections, water leaks, and overloaded circuits, motors, and wires.

Site Inspections

Sequentia Services offers a range of site inspection services to civil and solar projects across Australia.

Our skilled tradesmen are highly qualified and experienced in thermal imaging and building diagnostics on a range of job sites, including assessing assets for energy loss, structural integrity, performance, and maintenance issues. Our assessments include action plans for future preventative maintenance, repairs, and cleanups.

At Sequentia Services, we operate within contracted performance and yield guarantees to prevent larger breakdowns, manage warranty claims with equipment suppliers, and more. Our comprehensive inspection services assess the entire building or solar farm - including insulation, thermal bridges, construction failures, and moisture buildup - monitor all its assets, and verify its condition after maintenance is complete.

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